My passion for Beauty and Esthetics started in my teenage years, I remember researching the best way to get rid of my acne and blackheads.  After month’s of research I started doing basic facials with natural concoctions to myself.

My family is native-ly from Dominican republic and I learned a lot of natural ways to make masks for my face and my hair from my parents. Over the years I started using cosmetics to help cover up my acne which naturally made me passionate about the art of makeup. On my 17th birthday I was given a gift certificate to go to a local city spa to get a facial. It was the most beautiful experience ever and my skin looked so clean and fresh. The girl who attended me did a great job making me feel special and took the time to listen to my every concern. I wanted to give this feeling to others around me and decided to pursue a career as an Esthetician, I immediately begin my search online and found but Elizabeth Grady Institute, Shortly after I took the tour of the school and fell in love. I graduated Elizabeth Grady school of esthetics and make up artistry in December of 2012.


The name Skin Deep Beauty & Esthetics was a name that came to me as over the many years I have worked in the cosmetics industry and I would handle all these women and men that would put on make up without having a good skin care regime. Taking care of your skin should always be first in order to accomplish beautiful make up. have always wanted to give back the experience that I felt when I got my first facial because I knew exactly how it felt to not love the way you look and to get picked on because of my looks or because I had to wear make up and all my friend on wore lip gloss and mascara. Skin Deep is my way of giving back to those who feel the way I felt when I couldn’t do anything about my face. I have since then Worked as a free lance makeup artist and Color expert for Sephora and part time traveling esthetician.